Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

SPOTLIGHT – RotaCare Monterey Clinic

Big Idea: The patients RotaCare serves represent the community’s blue-collar workforce who are unable to afford or do not receive employer-sponsored healthcare, are ineligible for MediCal or Medicare, and lack the financial resources to pay out of pocket for medical care. These individuals are vulnerable to health care disparities and tend to seek medical attention only when there is an emergency. In addition, missing work days often means losing income, so people don’t take time to recover. RotaCare has only one paid half-time clinic operations manager and registered nurse, whose duties include patient follow-up, overseeing and recruiting volunteers, fundraising, ordering supplies and implementing a new electronic medical record. Their Big Idea is to raise funds to allow them to hire part-time staff to assist with vital clinic operation duties, IT support and grant writing, in addition to a social worker to improve the continuity of care and case management. The goal is to increase RotaCare’s capacity.