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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Access Media Productions - AMP


AMP wants to be your production partner, here on the Monterey Peninsula, to help share your mission, need, and impact in the community. From live streaming city council meetings and events to producing sizzle reels and podcasts, AMP will help you navigate the complex and constantly changing media environment, to amplify your message and tell your story.

The Big Idea

Our big idea is to help Monterey County Youth become discerning consumers of media in todays world. AMP, being the provider of public access media in Monterey County, has the unique opportunity to showcase various forms of media, how they are used, and how they can be miscommunicated and misunderstood, while providing a fun, interactive educational opportunity during summer vacation. AMP Campers will be invited to AMP HQ, work in our studios, and complete fun production projects with AMP staff and community partners - getting a full taste of what goes into creating media and how distribution effects the way it is consumed.

Much thanks to the crew at AMP World HQ for facilitating livestream of the POPS Orchestra Concert. David, Mario, and Hype well represented AMP on-site! The concert drew over 1,200 appreciative guests plus online attendance.

- Doug Lee