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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Action Council


ACTION inspires social change by lending our passion, expertise, leadership and resources to bring bold ideas for community transformation to life. Mission: Empower people to transform their communities in Monterey County and beyond. Our Approach: We believe that to achieve social equity, we must take a collaborative, action-oriented approach to our work.

The Big Idea

Our community is facing a pandemic that is laying bare the inequalities that perpetuate health disparities. Action Council’s youth-led initiative, Ciclovía, has historically been a standalone event to encourage alternate modes of transportation—bicycling, walking, skateboarding. But it also creates an opportunity for youth to participate in a leadership pathway and work together toward a more fair society, understanding the root causes of these disparities and identifying the solutions at their schools and within city government. They are currently hoping to develop campaigns to make health and racial justice a reality for communities hardest hit by Covid-19.

I grew up in Salinas. I am a senior at UC Santa Barbara. As a student at North Salinas High School, I participated in Ciclovía Salinas for three years. Being part of Ciclovia allowed me to feel empowered and realize that I can make a change in my community. It also exposed me to different potential careers. Most importantly is the investment that has been made in youth and the space it has created to have our voices heard and give us an opportunity to develop skills that we will carry for the rest of our lives. As a youth-led program this is a true example of authentic youth leadership. Youth are the ones planning this great event, facilitating meetings, taking charge of their own committees, and engaging with their community. Ultimately, I have seen the impact and positive outcome that this program has had in my life.

- Daniela Jimenez