Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Ag Against Hunger


Ag Against Hungers mission is to help end hunger by channeling fresh,healthy surplus fruits and vegetables from local farms to food banks, seniors, and schools.

The Big Idea

Ag Against Hunger currently services just a few of our local Head Start classes in our community. There are many other Head Start programs locally, that we do not have the opportunity to serve due to lack of funding so they can enjoy and learn about healthy snacking and diverse nutritious choices that are available. We feel this is unacceptable as we live in such a rich diverse area of abundant produce that is grown locally all around us, nutritious healthy food should be available for everyone to enjoy.

We will be able to continue to bring children and adults out to glean donated fields with us throughout our gleaning/harvesting season. We can further educate them on where their food comes from, and how it is grown and harvested. We can instruct them in healthy choices for better nutrition that provides them with higher energy levels to assist them in advancing their education.

The requested funds will ensure we can continue with our gleaning education programs and our fresh fruit and vegetable donations for our local Head Start, Food Banks, and Senior assistance programs.

I love Ag Against Hunger because it provides nutritious fruits and veggies, to those who might not get any if not for Ag Against Hunger working with our local Food Banks and schools. I had no idea how our produce was even brought to the stores from the fields,prior to my signing up to volunteer for a glean but Ag Against Hunger educated us on how to harvest and better nutrition.

- Annalise Kruger