Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

AG Against Hunger


AG Against Hunger partners with the growers, shippers and processors in the Salinas Valley to help combat food waste and alleviate hunger by channeling fresh, healthy surplus produce to food banks, food assistance & school programs.

The Big Idea

Purchase a cooled box truck & hire a driver to get produce to school children in our tri-county area.

There are many schools in our tri-county area who do not participate in our school produce program, where we supply free leafy greens and in season fruit, because of lack of transportation or funds to pay for transportation. That converts into many children going without and we feel that is just unacceptable. With a cooled box truck and a dedicated driver, we can take the stress off the schools by making those much needed deliveries of nutritious produce along with reaching schools in the communities that are in dire need of assistance.

The program provides a variety of green vegetables and fruit that we get and the parents of our kids are excited that the kids get to try this in the salad bar everyday. The even ask their parents to buy the produce for them in the stores.

— Irene Vargas, Salinas