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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association


To create economic opportunity for limited resource farmers through land-based organic agriculture education.

The Big Idea

ALBA’s classroom is a 100-acre organic farm and training facility that helps underserved farmers learn how to farm organically—and ultimately how to be their own boss and run their own farm. The program helps farmworkers, many of them from low-income communities and many of them immigrants, to develop necessary skills and a clear career path. Last year, Monterey County Gives! funds were used to install solar panels, a project that has now been accomplished and is reducing carbon emissions. This year, ALBA is hoping to replace aging equipment and invest in an electric tractor to continue in the spirit of helping people while also helping the environment.

The future won’t be easy, but I see myself farming organically as a career. I love to see how everything works in harmony. The flowers bloom, attracting bees to pollinate, which triggers crop growth and the arrival of pests and the ladybugs that feed on them. This is how farming should be. My advice for young generation is to try it, because it is beautiful and healthy. It gives you a great feeling to know you are helping people and the planet.

- Carlos Gonzalez