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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

AIM Youth Mental Health


AIM is finding and funding promising youth mental health research that can identify solutions to make a difference in young people’s lives, while building a movement devoted to the mental health of children, teens, and young adults.

The Big Idea

AIM Youth Mental Health is dedicated to the mental health of children, teens and young adults, leading the search to fund promising youth mental health research. This nonprofit’s Big Idea is a campaign to raise $1 million by the end of 2021 to support new therapies, diagnostic tools and early interventions for Monterey County youth. Currently, mental illness affects 25 percent of young people, with 50 percent experiencing a poor mental health episode by age 25.

AIM uniquely addresses the critical need for clinical research to help children, teens, and young adults with mental disorders in order to generate more effective interventions to help reduce and ultimately prevent their suffering from the disorders and their risk of death by suicide.

- Hilary P. Blumberg

Attention Monterey County Nonprofits

Monterey County Gives! launches November 10th, 2022.

The RFP for 2022 is now closed.