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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Al & Friends Sunday Breakfast


Headed by Alvin Siekert, the Mission of Al & Friends is to lift up members of the community who suffer from the most pressing challenges: hunger, homelessness, and poverty. Our organization thrives because we are an effective social service provider, a consistent presence, and a growing local network of dedicated citizens built from within the community that we serve. By serving thoughtfully planned meals regularly, Al & Friends helps bring dignity to people's lives, nurtures benevolent values within our community, and invites everyone to get involved in doing something that matters.

The Big Idea

Headed by Alvin Siekert, Al & Friends lifts up members of the community who suffer from the most pressing challenges: hunger, homelessness and poverty. Every Sunday for the last eight years, Al & Friends has provided free, healthy breakfast on the Monterey Peninsula, thanks to ingredients and kitchen access provided by local cities and businesses. In 2019, Al’s van, “Dora,” a 1988 GMC Kurbmaster, broke down. The nonprofit also has an economical Hyundai Tucson; however, it needs a catalytic converter to become driveable. To efficiently continue offering Sunday breakfast for the hungry, Al & Friends needs a repair fund for these two vehicles, as well as ongoing maintenance and fuel costs.

There's very few in this world like Al. He comes down here every weekend on his own time, and works so hard...often to the point of exhaustion. Not only does he make meals every Sunday, rain or shine, but he will do another one on holidays! He has made every Christmas very special. I think he's been doing it for 5 years, maybe more, actually. The meals are always wholesome...no potato chips or cheese-doodles, in fact folks have brought junk food to donate, and Al says "No! I only serve fresh healthy food." I don't think he has served anything twice, (maybe pancakes,) but he's a chef, we get all kinds of foods. One day it would be Lasagna, and next week there's cheesecakes, or sausages...and his sauces are so good. He should make a cookbook! One time a volunteer stayed up all night baking and put out an entire table full of pastries, cakes, and baked goods, and it was so good!

- Nikki Schoessow

We’re In This Together

Nonprofits are more important that ever in this trying time. Monterey County Gives! was created to support the local nonprofit community's Big Ideas (and programs). And thanks to your participation and generosity, Monterey County Gives! raised over $7.8 million for 162 local nonprofits in 2020.

MCGives! has now raised and contributed over $35 million dollars since its inception ten years ago. That’s astounding. And wonderful. Thank you to all our Partners, Sponsors, nonprofit Board Directors, staff and volunteers — and each of our 7,578 donors. We did it, together.

The 2021 Campaign begins November 12.

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The 2021 Monterey County Gives! RFP (for applying nonprofits) is active until August 1. Monterey County Gives! 2021 campaign kicks off in early November.