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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Al & Friends Sunday Breakfast


Headed by Chef Alvin Siekert, the Mission of Al & Friends is to lift up members of the community who suffer from the most pressing challenges: hunger, homelessness, and poverty. Our organization thrives because we are an effective social service provider, a consistent presence, and a growing local network of dedicated citizens built from within the community that we serve. By serving thoughtfully planned meals regularly, Al & Friends helps bring dignity to people's lives, nurtures benevolent values within our community, and invites everyone to get involved in doing something that matters.

The Big Idea

AL & Friends has gotten popular! Al Siekert and his award-winning team is currently serving fresh quality meals on real plates with silverware, tables to sit down, and done buffet brunch-style every Sunday and holiday. We are able to provide simple dignity in dining that's rarely seen elsewhere. On top of that, we operate on an environmentally sustainable system without single-use plastics, pumping fresh drinking water rather than cheap bottles, and composting waste. Al & Friends intends continue our work in perpetuity, therefore looking to the future, we shall lead as a good example for youth and other nonprofits who may benefit from the efforts of sustainability along with humane benevolence. Funds from this amazing benefit will allow us to continue our mission to serve dignified meals consistently, keep our footprint small despite our growth, and keep our environmentally sustainable operations and supplies up-to-date.

I get a good feeling inside when I see that big white truck pulls up. I know there's a tasty meal coming my way and I love that he gives us sandwiches for later. Al is cool.

- Frank G.