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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023



To create economic opportunities for limited-resource farmers through land-based training in organic farm management.

The Big Idea

Since 2001, ALBA has been creating opportunities for low-income field laborers through land-based training in organic farm management, helping them advance their careers or pursue the dream of farm ownership. ALBA provides intensive, on-farm training and access to resources for aspiring farm business owners for up to 5 years. Though ALBA welcomes aspiring farmers from all backgrounds, Mexican immigrants and U.S.-Born Latinos represent 85-90% of participants in the program.

ALBA’s program starts with PEPA, a 1-year course designed to prepare participants to launch a farm in the second year of the program covering a wide array of topics ranging from production to business to regulatory compliance. Graduates of the course may then launch their own farm business on ALBA's land in the second year. They can scale up to 5 acres over 4 more years, gradually mastering the responsibilities of farm business ownership before they transition to independent farming operations.

ALBA was very beneficial for me. I saw farming as just planting and harvesting. ALBA showed me how to be a businessman and made me a better farmer.” So many friends from class, training changed my life completely, networking was crucial and incredibly meaningful. Hands-on field classes were great. I learned a lot that way. Field trips were lovely for opening my horizons; I now know how to look for markets.

- Confidential Same