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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Alisal Center For The Fine Arts


The Alisal Center for the Fine Arts is a creative hub for artists and advocates alike to connect, teach, perform for, and strengthen our community. Through a holistic approach, we cultivate youth leaders committed to cultural affirmation and community transformation.

The Big Idea

ACFA was deeply impacted financially due to COVID-19. Several of our major funders were not able to contribute due to the Pandemic. Our school contracts were affected as well as schools closed. We received an estimate of over $60,0000 less than the previous year due to the pandemic. In addition, fundraising events had to be canceled due to the pandemic. These fundraising events were directly connected to our operational cost for the year and without these funds, ACFA experienced difficulty operating during the crisis. Funding will allow us to get back on track and meet the needs of the students we serve.

"I always wanted to learn how to play the Guitar but growing up a low-income student made it difficult for my family to afford Guitar lessons. So when I read about ACFA offering 8-weeks of free guitar lessons, I knew I was in. Eventually, this class became one of my favorite past times and I stayed for more. I had the support there that I needed. As an individual, a student, and a leader, my guitar class taught me patience and the importance of giving back to my community and all the wonderful things that ACFA has brought to me".

- Maria Romo