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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Alisal Center for The Fine Arts


The Alisal Center for the Fine Arts (ACFA) is a creative hub for artists and advocates alike. Connecting, teaching, and strengthening our community through a holistic approach, we cultivate youth leaders committed to cultural affirmation and community transformation.

The Big Idea

ACFA prepares young aspiring professionals through the discipline of dance, nurturing children's confidence, self-esteem, and character. ACFA offers free dance classes focusing on folkloric dance while simultaneously introducing them to the history of dance, physical education, choreography, musical theory and performance. Children learn to work as a team, responsibilities, culture, and are exposed to the benefits of performance. As a nonprofit, funds are limited making it difficult to create and provide free dance classes to children of low income levels.

I have been with ACFA since the 5 grade, and I am now going to be in 11th grade. ACFA has nurtured my interest in music and dance for many years. I have been learning guitar since 5th grade at ACFA and dancing Baile Folklorico for 3 years. ACFA is like my second home. It is a safe space where I feel I can be myself. Because of ACFA I am now able to play guitar and bass very well. My teachers at ACFA have taught me a lot in music and dance but also how to be responsible and professional when presenting. I am now in the Performance Ensemble and perform for community events. I plan to be with ACFA until I go to college. They are my second Family.

- Sebestian Montoya