Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Animal Friends Rescue Project


AFRP is dedicated to finding good, permanent homes for stray, abandoned and abused companion animals and to eliminating the use of euthanasia as a means of animal control in Monterey County through targeted spay/neuter programs.

The Big Idea

AFRP provides homeless animals a second chance at life and love; many times their last chance, and we need your help to save more lives.

We are dedicated to finding good permanent homes for abandoned, stray, and abused companion animals and ending the pet overpopulation crisis through focused spay/neuter programs. Since 1998, AFRP has rescued and placed over 22,400 shelter cats and dogs in forever homes. When we adopt out one animal, we are actually saving two lives. Each one that is adopted, opens space for another to save. That is 22,400 cats or dogs that otherwise would have been euthanized. AFRP operates it own clinic and provides major and minor medical treatment and has its own mobile spay/neuter clinic. We are working with our partners to expand our operations and provide free/reduced cost spay/neuter services throughout the South County region to help reduce the overpopulation of cats and dogs. We are only able to do this important work through the support of our community. Help Us Say Yes today, and help AFRP save the lives of even more at risk or homeless animals.

Thank you for Frosty!! He’s a perfect fit here and love him to pieces. It’s been so wonderful. He’s currently asleep on my lap. As I had mentioned on my application, I’m planning on training him as an emotional support animal and just in this last week, he has provided a HUGE relief. I honestly cannot describe how exciting it is for me to have this kind of comfort throughout the day. Because of my work situation, he comes to the office with me most days and hangs out in my building. He’s started warming up to the other employees and the kiddos already as well and has made several doggy friends with our employees pets.

— Kayla Covert, Seaside