Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Animal Friends Rescue Project


AFRP is dedicated to finding good, permanent homes for stray, abandoned and abused companion animals and to ending the pet overpopulation crisis through effective spay / neuter programs.

The Big Idea

Newborn and preweaning kittens and puppies are especially at-risk in shelters because they are too young to care for themselves; too young for adoption; and more likely to contract and transmit disease than other animals in shelters. Our local shelters don’t have the resources to care for these vulnerable underage animals.

The AFRP In-Home Nursery Program provides a safe haven for these helpless animals by providing a trained, loving foster home for their round the clock needs, medical care and placement into a home. AFRP takes in and cares for over 1000 kittens and puppies each year from our local shelters.

Your support is needed to help AFRP continue to care for and expand our foster program for this special group of animals and will help provide formula, food, bottles, litter, incubators, and medical care. Be a champion for animals by helping the AFRP In-Home Nursery Project.

Fostering kittens is full of benefits and rewards for me and the kittens that far outweigh any challenges.
As an AFRP volunteer, caring for helpless/homeless kittens gives me an overwhelming sense of pride on a daily basis.
I am happy and proud to be a part of such a caring, compassionate organization.

- Shannon Chaffin