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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

ARIEL Theatrical


ARIEL Theatrical is committed to helping young people learn to lead principle-centered lives.

The Big Idea

ARIEL Theatrical has created the Pandemic-Proof Performance Preparation Program (PPPPP) to provide creative engagement, theater education and just plain fun for kids ages 5-18 through their online workshops. In response to the massive impact of Covid-19 on ARIEL, they used creativity and technology to organize an entire summer of online workshops, but there is a need to develop these programs further. Character-building lessons are incorporated into all 15 workshops, which include: Musical Theatre Fun, Acting Basics for Children, Puppet Planet!, Dance Time with Diane!, Singing 101, Ace Your Audition, The Art of Funny-Comedic Acting for Teens, Comprehensive Script Analysis, Virtually Shakespeare and many more.

I can’t explain what participating in ARIEL Theatrical’s Community Program has meant to me and my family. My husband is stationed in Korea. Four of my children are on the Autism spectrum. With no immediate family, our lives are uncommonly complicated. Opportunities for us to participate in something as high quality, demanding, and rewarding as an ARIEL production simply do not exist. There is no organization more inclusive or capable of bringing out the best in every person, no matter who they are or what their challenges. ARIEL is a community. Through working with them, we have created bonds that will last a lifetime. Together, we have strengthened our family relationships, leaned into the joy of working with others, and been surprised by our capabilities as individuals. We are grateful for the opportunity and will carry the lessons and memories for the rest of our lives.

- Shawn Anderson