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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

ARIEL Theatrical


ARIEL Theatrical is committed to helping young people learn to lead principle-centered lives.

The Big Idea

ARIEL Theatrical has consistently delivered mission-centered programs in Monterey County, engaging thousands of young people in theatre education, outreach and performance. For nearly 40 years, participants have been encouraged to practice Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Leadership (A-R-I-E-L) in life and on stage. Performing as part of a cast gives young people opportunities to develop knowledge and skills, build independence and confidence, create friendships and memories, and put important life lessons into action. With year-round theatre programs for children and youth of varying experience and skill level, ARIEL is a community treasure with something for everyone. The ARIEL mission is always center stage as we invite individuals -- whether they are on stage, back stage or in the audience -- to make a positive impact in the world.

Last December we had an overwhelming experience when we learned about a “building forward” organization, ARIEL. We watched a thoroughly delightful production of A Christmas Carol. What we saw was a bunch of “kids” who, clearly, had a learning experience by putting on the production, but who were also building their futures. They had come together in a positive spirit to learn, perform and share experiences for the now and for their…and our…futures. We see so many bad things in our world. ARIEL is such a good thing. Its mission is vital. Our society is in desperate need of investment to support leaders who will help young people learn to lead principle-centered lives. ARIEL needs to continue to be, and to grow as, such a leader.

- Bruce Crist