Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Aspiranet’s Cherish Receiving Centers


Aspiranet is a 501(c)(3), California nonprofit organization with the mission of providing children, youth, and families with a foundation of support and services so they can succeed at home, at school, and in their communities.

Headquartered in South San Francisco, Aspiranet delivers its services through sites in 33 California counties. In Monterey, Aspiranet’s Cherish Receiving Centers are unique in the County, providing a safe space and plethora of services for abused and neglected children in the midst of trauma.

We envision a world in which all children and youth are loved and cared for, and all families have the resources to thrive. Driven by this aspirational vision, we help more than 35,000 children each year across California with a unique blend of services that includes:
- foster family support,
- adoption through foster care,
- services for foster youth transitioning to adulthood,
- mental health services,
- residential care,
- intensive home-based care, and
- community-based family resources.

The Big Idea

When Monterey County’s Child Protective Services orders that a child must be removed from home, it is inherently traumatic. It means a child is already suffering, including from abuse or neglect, yet children often feel further loss when removed from their homes.

Since 2006, Aspiranet’s Cherish Receiving Center has been Monterey County’s only location providing 24/7 support for these children, including professional care, a safe bed to sleep, health assessments, healthy food, and a supported atmosphere where kids in need can simply be kids.

Just last year, Aspiranet expanded Cherish by opening Cherish Too, a welcoming space for supervised visits between children and estranged caregivers. Cherish Too realizes Aspiranet’s work of rebuilding and reuniting families. It creates a warm, stable environment for kids and their families to move forward with hands-on support from professional case managers and partnering service providers.

The Cherish Centers are an essential part of Monterey County’s safety net, providing for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

The identities of families helped by Cherish and Cherish Too are kept confidential as part of ensuring their healing process. The following testimonial come from a foster parent. Foster parents are a key part of the care system Aspiranet has built and that Cherish Centers lean on to keep children safe during reunification.

“The emotions children and youth experience when they enter care can be traumatic, and keeping youth together with their siblings can lessen the impact and help them feel more safe. They already lose their home, parents, and sometimes have to leave their schools. We could not bear to see these children have to lose their siblings as well.”

- Valenzuela Marco