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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Big Sur Fiddle Camp


Our Mission is to give a deeper connection to music and an unforgettable music education experience to the youth and communities of Monterey County and beyond.

The Big Idea

Big Sur Fiddle Camp aims to give the youth and communities of Monterey County an unforgettable music education experience. A one-week fiddle camp and half-dozen events annually have been well attended, but to support the cultural activity in Big Sur, the nonprofit is looking for a permanent space. The Big Idea is to offer classes weekly and to host concerts all year long. A permanent space would allow them to offer music lessons, practice time and jam sessions, and host visiting instructors. For 12 years, Big Sur Fiddle Camp has been an important part of providing arts education in Big Sur, and wants to become a year-round fixture.

I absolutely loved the variety of musical styles represented. The way you all kept the organizing going, almost invisibly, I believe were the bones of the experience. I am amazed at the sense of spirituality that erupted in this camp, and though there is absolutely no dogma, no talk of God or religion, everyone seemed to take on a radiance that only occurs at some sort of spiritual revival. Perhaps it’s just getting back to the old ways of singing, playing and eating together, without the distractions of modern life, that allows this kind of glorious experience. Thank you.

- Rick Chelew