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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Big Sur Forest School


Big Sur Forest School is a community centered outdoor educational experience that honors the development of the whole child through child directed and inquiry inspired learning to foster relational awareness, responsibility, compassion, resourcefulness, and independence in connection with the self, other and the natural world. The organization was created by community desire to support local families.

The Big Idea

Big Sur Forest School was developed by this unique community to support the whole child through youth-directed exploration and learning. This progressive early education approach uses the resources offered by Big Sur, including an outdoor classroom. This nonprofit’s Big Idea strives to continue this student-centered learning approach that fosters relational awareness, responsibility, compassion, resourcefulness and the connections between the self, other, and natural world. Big Sur Park School also helps students develop literacy and arts skills.

Our 2 year old daughter has become a student at the Big Sur Forest School this year. It has provided her opportunities to explore the natural environment with both her mind and body. Particularly valuable at the School is the long-standing philosophy of inquiry-inspired learning with peers of various ages in the community. At early ages, the complex outdoor environment provides ample challenges and training for the inquisitive sponges that children are. Our daughter is learning independence and confidence in surmounting physical challenges, we are so grateful to witness her thriving in her development. It has been incredible to have access to a safe outdoor learning environment during the last year navigating the pandemic. The Forest School is an invaluable program for our Big Sur community witnessing our children flourish

- Candice Isphording

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