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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Big Sur Health Center


The Big Sur Health Center is a nonprofit that exists to serve the health and wellness needs of the Big Sur community. We provide quality healthcare through traditional and complementary approaches that are culturally sensitive and patient-centered. It is our quest to be a life-long healthcare partner for all in Big Sur, regardless of need or ability to pay.

The Big Idea

By providing quality, culturally sensitive healthcare to its residents, the Big Sur Health Center’s mission is to be a lifelong healthcare partner for this unique region. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, this organization has continued to meet traditional and emerging needs. Big Sur Health Center offers Covid testing and free vaccine clinics, as well as assistance with social isolation, food insecurity, and more. The center provides holistic care to the individuals of Big Sur, regardless of their ability to pay, in a location that is accessible for rural resident

The Big Sur Health Center went above and beyond to coordinate and support COVID-19 testing and vaccinations for employees in the Big Sur Business Community. Further, Health Center staff made themselves available at all hours to provide guidance and critical knowledge on symptom assessment, quarantine requirements, and medical issues related to the pandemic. There is no doubt that having a local health care facility provide these critical services to the Big Sur Business Community and its employees greatly increased the safety of our establishments for our staff and guests and accelerated our opportunities to recover economically.

- Kirk Gafill

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