Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Big Sur Health Center


The Big Sur Health Center is a nonprofit that exists to serve the health and wellness needs of the Big Sur community. We provide quality healthcare through traditional and complementary approaches that are culturally sensitive and patient-centered. It is our quest to be a life-long healthcare partner for all in Big Sur, regardless of need or ability to pay.

The Big Idea

Our goal is to assure we are able to continue providing free care to victims of the Soberanes Fire and Big Sur winter storms.

Big Sur is used to frequent fires, storms, mudslides and road closures; however, the chain of events starting with the Soberanes Fire in July 2016, followed by the relentless storms of 2017, created the worst disaster in Big Sur’s history. Over 75% of our residents were displaced, with others stranded on the “Big Sur Island” between the bridge and the slides. Many lost homes and/or jobs. We are able to offer free services and medications to these patients thanks to the generous Disaster Relief Funds donated by Big Sur International Marathon. Meanwhile, staff continues to coordinate telephone triage for those unable to reach the Health Center. The direct cost of maintaining full staff in order to continue providing services is over $450,000. Funds raised through MC Gives will help support staff efforts to assure access to care by all in the community, especially the victims of Big Sur’s Double Disaster.

I didn’t have insurance so I was reluctant to seek medical care for a lump I discovered. Because of the health center’s breast cancer detection program, I received free screening which confirmed breast cancer. The staff guided me into the state subsidized program in time for treatment that saved my life.

— Jill Smith (real surname protected by HIPAA), Age 60, Big Sur