Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Big Sur Land Trust


Big Sur Land Trust inspires love of land across generations, conservation of our unique Monterey County landscapes, and access to outdoor experiences for all.

The Big Idea

Monterey County is endowed with tremendous natural beauty. However, many residents in Salinas, the County's largest city, do not have the opportunities and resources for taking advantage of healthful outdoor recreation in parks and open spaces.

For over 40 years, city leaders and community members have dreamed of a transformative project within Carr Lake, a 480-acre seasonally dry lakebed located in the heart of the City of Salinas. With the purchase of 73 acres at Carr Lake, Big Sur Land Trust (BSLT) began a unique journey in partnership with the city, local leaders, and residents to convert the site into vital park space that meets pressing community needs. Through active, transparent community engagement and careful planning and design, BSLT can ensure that this space benefits both nature and people—especially the people who need it most.

The Carr Lake project is about the environment—and about people. It brings habitats for local flora and fauna back to life; it brings communities together and nurtures kids and adults alike. With your help, BSLT can restore wetlands and create an urban park and green space that connects, reflects, and belongs to the diverse people of Salinas.

What normally divides us in Salinas is the exact thing that can unite us. Just like the water that flows into Carr Lake, I hope that the people flow in. This is the reservoir of our community. I don’t think Salinas has ever had a civic project like this, one that very intentionally is about building a community from among all of our stories.

- Larry Imwalle