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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Big Sur Forest School


Big Sur Forest School is a nature-based culture of learning developed through embodied exploration and relational awareness.

The Big Idea

Big Sur Forest School is a non-profit created to serve the early educational needs of the Big Sur community by providing an enriching child-centered outdoor learning experience for children 9 months to 5 years of age. Big Sur Forest School strives to support local families with an inclusive program that fosters the child's relationship with self, other and the natural world while developing responsibility, resourcefulness and respect through a child directed and inquiry inspired learning experience that honors the whole child.

Our 4 year old daughter has attended Big Sur Forest School’s pilot program at Big Creek Reserve. It has provided her opportunities to explore the natural environment with both her mind and body. Particularly valuable at the School is the long-standing philosophy of inquiry-inspired learning with peers of various ages in the community. At early ages, the complex outdoor environment provides ample challenges and training for the inquisitive sponges that children are. Our daughter learned independence and confidence in surmounting physical challenges as well as how to recognize aquatic insect larvae. As we move through Covid-19, outdoor education will be all the more important and sought after and we look forward to seeing the Big Sur outdoor program flourish for children of all ages in the community.

- Jen Lape