Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade


The Mission of Big Sur Fire is to provide dependable fire protection and emergency services for Big Sur with teamwork, respect, and integrity.

The Big Idea

Our big idea is to acquire new portable hand-held radios our firefighters/first responders use to communicate with and receive vital information on all emergency incidents in our response area of Highway One. Our responders live and work along the 60-mile response zone of Highway One in Big Sur. They might receive a page out on an emergency at any time of the night or day. This could include a structure fire, vegetation fire, vehicle accident or vehicle “over the side” as we saw recently. The incident command will request the right equipment to match the type of emergency; and those individuals will drive those vehicles to the incident. Additional responders will drive their own vehicles (POV) to the scene. Through the use of this radio, those folks will receive vital information that allows them to respond quickly and be more prepared. These new radios will also allow our responders to communicate with all other emergency agencies in the county, thus allowing all parties to coordinate their efforts. The result of this enhanced communication will be the prevention of loss of life and property. At $5000 each, this grant will allow the Brigade to purchase up to 15 new radios.

Excerpt: A Big Sur resident helped pull my children out of our vehicle that was quickly becoming engulfed in flames. The Big Sur Fire Brigade was the first to respond, and safely contain the burning Suburban and trailer. The flames reached the power lines above, and cut the power, just minutes after I was able to make a call to my husband. This community is made up of people with true character, they are as tough, and beautiful as the mountains we live in. This Fire Brigade is made up of people I love and respect, and to have their faces be the first I see after the most traumatic experience of my life, was the glue that held me together that night. To have people that know you and your family as humans, and to have the wherewithal to respond appropriately in any emergency is what makes this Brigade and community special. Our family can not thank you enough. You are all true heroes.

- Molly Moffat