Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade


The mission of the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade is to provide dependable fire protection and emergency services for Big Sur with teamwork, respect and integrity.

The Big Idea

The volunteer firefighters of Big Sur train year round in all aspects of emergency response, but never was it so important as the fabled year of 2017 when winter came to town and wouldn’t leave.

The Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade depends on private donations, grants from local foundations, and grants from the Big Sur International Marathon to support its annual operations. Our volunteer firefighters are the first line of support and first responders to ALL emergency events along a 60-mile stretch of Highway One on the coast. We serve not only our local community of 2000 individuals, but the millions of visitors who drive along the scenic highway every year. We train for structure and wild land fire, as well as medical response and all types of rescue including vehicle and high angle cliff rescue. Our volunteers met the tremendous challenge posed by this year’s winter storms that devastated the lifeline for the community, Highway One. Training continued even as the Brigade positioned equipment and volunteers along all the segments of the highway. Communication and coordination of effort was even more important and vital to saving lives and property this winter and spring. The Brigade is looking to double funding for emergency training in this next year to provide even better emergency response to our extended community as our lifeline of Highway One comes back on board.

Dear Martha,
Five years ago on Christmas night, it was raining and the power was out. There was a gasoline powered generator running next to one of our houses that caught on fire as a result of some spilled fuel. The fuel ignited, and subsequently, an adjacent exterior wall of the house became engulfed in flame.

Following a call to 911, Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade personnel, from both the north and south, promptly left their family dinner tables in the midst of their Christmas celebrations to respond to this fire. The home was saved and no one was injured.

A stellar example of the Fire Brigade’s volunteer commitment to serving our community at all times of day and night.

Nepenthe was so appreciative of these volunteer firefighters!

— Kirk Gafill, General Manager, Big Sur