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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Big Sur Fire


The mission of  Big Sur Fire is to provide dependable fire protection and emergency services for Big Sur with teamwork, respect and integrity.

The Big Idea

Big Sur Fire Brigade schedules all of its 11 emergency response vehicles for preventive maintenance service annually during the “off fire season,” with protocols like switching tires every six years based on National Fire Protection Association standards. Preventive maintenance is performed according to the manufacturers’ recommendations and Big Sur Fire engineers are constantly inspecting the apparatus. Funding allowances for maintenance and repairs are set within the annual budget; however, if a major repair beyond that budget arises, emergency repairs can cost a small fortune. That is where the Big Sur Fire Apparatus Maintenance Fund comes into play. This fund can be accessed for unforeseen repairs, large ticket items like transmissions, motors and pumps. Responding to emergencies requires vehicles that are in prime working condition and always dependable.

In 2000, the Plaskett 2 Fire caught me by surprise. Next to arrive was Big Sur Fire. A thousand people ultimately fought that fire, but Big Sur Fire was there first. In 2014, I had to call 911 for a non-responsive person. Big Sur Fire arrived, along with a CHP helicopter to airlift the person out. They have been here for me many times, and that is just what Big Sur Fire has done for just one person. Imagine multiplying that a thousand times, and add in millions of visitors. Our Big Sur Fire is cross-trained in fire-fighting, EMT and cliff rescue. What does Big Sur Fire mean to me? Everything.

- Kate Novoa