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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

BirchBark Foundation


BirchBark Foundation partners with veterinarians to help save pets’ lives during medical emergencies when their owners are unable to fully afford the necessary critical care.

The Big Idea

BirchBark’s goal is to give all pet owners more options in emergencies, when pets need costly care (there is a special emphasis on underserved pet owner populations including seniors, the disabled and veterans). Over the past six years, the nonprofit has saved more than 300 cherished family pets through its financial assistance grants program, in which they provide an option for the veterinary community and a gift to pet owners facing the choice of euthanasia for their loved pet due to economic constraints.

After my dog Chicklet got attacked I began to pray and ask God to show me how and what I had to do to get her fixed. The next day I found BirchBark. Once the approvals were in, the doctors at Animal Hospital of Salinas were about to do the surgery when the water main burst, which left them unable to do the procedure. Animal Hospital of Salinas contacted Toro Park Animal Hospital to transfer her care and even drove Chicklet there. Thank you from the top of my heart for having so much love and compassion to help when we do not have the means. In those very critical moments, BirchBark was there for us and in a very crucial way. Thank you could never begin to cover it.

- Anthoni Banda-Landavazo

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