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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023



BirchBark protects and honors the human-animal bond by providing financial assistance to vulnerable families faced with unaffordable veterinary expenses, and by supporting all families through our Education and Pet Loss Counseling programs.

The Big Idea

BirchBark is driven by its mission to protect and honor the human-animal bond, a bond that is integral to the wellbeing of the humans and animals in our community. Recognizing both the depth of need, as well as the range of ways in which the human-animal bond may be imperiled and supported, BirchBark offers holistic, multi-pronged programming. Our three core programs - PetAid, Pet Loss Counseling, and Education - support the human-animal bond across the experience of pet ownership. PetAid reduces economic euthanasia when families undergoing financial hardship are unable to afford life-saving, emergency veterinary care. Pet Loss Counseling, offered at no cost to the public and facilitated by licensed mental health professionals, honors the love we share with our pets when that bond seems fractured by loss. Educational Webinars enrich the bond between pets and their families by empowering families to give their pets the happiest and healthiest life.

BirchBark Foundation has given me more time with my dog - which is EVERYTHING! They have supported us in a difficult time and we are so grateful.

- Denise R