Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019



Helping pets and their families through medical crises. We do this by providing financial support to low income families and offering comfort to pet families in need.

The Big Idea

Imagine having a beloved pet with a catastrophic, but fixable condition, and not having the financial resources to pay for medical care. Every day on the Central Coast, families face this dilemma. Their choices are limited – either surrender of their family pet or worse, economic euthanasia. Our Big Idea is to eliminate this heart-breaking choice by providing financial assistance grants, to save all pets on the Central Coast facing this situation in 2019.

Using data from the Census, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation and our own historic data we would expect approximately 140 unfunded treatable emergencies on the Central Coast in 2019. Our Big Idea would provide financial assistance grants to reduce the cost of treatment for all 140 pets. While we have saved nearly 200 pets in 5 years, our Big Idea will save the lives of 140 pets in 2019.

My dog Maya came into my life from Peru, when I was volunteering for the Peace Corps. Due to her unique past Maya had some serious medical issues this year. I was feeling quite alone and desperate when the large veterinary bills were quoted to me. From the beginning, BirchBark made the entire situation manageable. The genuine kindness shown to me by each and every member of the foundation was extraordinary, and for the first time, I felt that she would be ok. BirchBark made it possible for Maya to get the care she needed. Their members went out of their way to help me, and I am forever grateful. It is very clear that the forefront of their concerns are the wellbeing of the animals they help. Pets are more than pets, they are loyal members of the family. Thanks to BirchBark, so many animals, from myriad situations and backgrounds, are able to get the care they so deserve.

- Emily Clark