Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018



By providing financial resources for those in need and educational resources to our community, BirchBark Foundation empowers people to make informed decisions in times of crisis and to be better advocates for their pets.

The Big Idea

BirchBark Foundation will provide stipends to save pets in need of emergency care, whose owners can’t afford the full cost.

When pet owners are unable to afford care for pets experiencing a life-threatening, but treatable illness, veterinarians can only do so much to reduce the cost of treatment. The expense of emergency care for deadly but fixable medical conditions can still be out of reach for loving pet owners. The development of the BirchBark Foundation stipend system is our response to reduce pet euthanasia based on financial constraints. Our 2018 Big Idea is to provide stipends to 77 veterinary practices throughout the Central Coast. Our Big Idea will provide each practice with a $500 stipend every quarter. These stipends will reduce costs for owners who can’t afford the necessary life saving treatments. Practices participating in our project will also reduce their fees to recipients by 25%. While we have saved over 140 pets in 4 years, we think our Big Idea will save 82 pets in 2018.

BirchBark meant so much to all of us. We were so scared. I felt like I had to find Cooper help; I knew we couldn’t afford the treatment, but we couldn’t give Cooper up, just because he was sick; what would we tell our daughters? Finding BirchBark was a miracle; the financial grant meant more to us than we can ever express. BirchBark gave us hope; the care and concern they gave Cooper and our family was amazing.  They were there for us and we can’t thank them enough for the grant; it’s been a blessing.

— Chianne Kanzler, Salinas