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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Breakthrough Men's Community


Breakthrough helps men build more deeply meaningful and happy lives. Breakthrough is a guided, life changing exploration in which we work together, hands-on, to tackle the challenges all men face. Breakthrough empowers all men to reclaim their hearts and participate more fully and confidently in their family and their social and professional worlds.

The Big Idea

Breakthrough Men’s Community provides an empowering, 32-week program to promote more meaningful inner lives for men. This guided exploration of the challenges all men face helps men participate more fully and confidently in social and professional situations. This nonprofit’s Big Idea is to fund scholarships for more participants; about one-third of current participants attend the tuition-based program on scholarship. Breakthrough’s commitment to scholarships means more men are eligible to invest in their mental health, improving our community’s emotional well-being.

Growing up in a culture with a strong emphasis on machismo made it difficult for me to explore my own emotions. Breakthrough helped me do that in a powerful and life-changing way. Finding a community of like minded friends at Breakthrough has also been invaluable for me. The support I received and the confidence I built at Breakthrough gave me the courage to finish my AA degree at Hartnell and next year I will continue my studies, enrolled full-time at UC Santa Cruz. I was so fortunate to continue my Breakthrough Journey on the leadership team in Spreckels in 2019. More than half the guys in the workshop were Latino and it was powerful for me to see a room full of Salinas guys beginning their Breakthrough journey. Francisco Solano, Salinas, 36 years old. Francisco did the Breakthrough Workshop in Seaside in 2015.

- Francisco Solano

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