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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Breast Cancer Assistance Group


Our mission is to help women with breast cancer as we would want to be helped ourselves. The Breast Cancer Assistance Group (BCAG) is supported by breast cancer survivors who raise funds and awareness to improve the lives of local breast cancer patients and their families. The BCAG is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization.

The Big Idea

The Breast Cancer Assistance Group (BCAG) provides financial assistance for breast cancer patients who are confronted with a loss of income and increased costs related to the diagnosis and treatment of the illness. Currently in its 25th year, the BCAG is supporting over 100 local women who are experiencing financial difficulty as a result of their breast cancer diagnosis. Most patients who seek help through our Breast Cancer Assistance Grant Program are hourly or seasonal workers who do not have the financial means to support themselves if they need to stop or reduce their work hours. We know that severe financial hardship and constant worry about how to pay for housing, food, gas to drive to treatments, and other basic expenses can hinder the healing process and delay recovery. Our goal is to relieve patients from their financial worries and to shift their focus onto their health and well-being.

“I want to let you know how much appreciation I have for your program. It has relieved me of such stress and worry with my monetary situation after receiving my breast cancer diagnosis. When I went to my mailbox and saw the BCAG envelope, I caught my breath. The wonderment that went through my mind after applying for your help. Maybe it’s just a note saying ‘could not help you at this time’ or maybe it will be a check for $25 or $250 or…’ When I opened the envelope and saw the check and amount, I just sat down and cried. No time in my 70 years of life has such generosity been given to me! An enormous heartfelt “Thank You” to all of you and your organization!!”

- Judy Sousa