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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Breast Cancer Assistance Group


Our mission is to help women with breast cancer as we would want to be helped ourselves. BCAG is supported by breast cancer survivors who raise funds and awareness to improve the lives of local breast cancer patients and their families. The BCAG is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization.

The Big Idea

During Covid-19, the combination of increased expenses related to cancer treatment, high unemployment and challenges of daily expenses made it harder for more cancer patients to support themselves. Locally, the Breast Cancer Assistance Group (BCAG) experienced a 44-percent increase in applications for food and financial assistance in the first half of 2021. The nonprofit’s Big Idea is to continue funding grants to support its mission of providing practical financial assistance to breast cancer patients, currently helping 66 people meet daily needs so they can focus on cancer treatment and recovery.

“Nobody ever is prepared for a cancer diagnosis but as a single mother at 32 years old - it was not something I could even fathom. As you go through this process, the fear of your health is jarring but I felt the constant worry about bills that just did not stop coming. Moments when I should be concerned about my health soon were overtaken by concerns about finances. Then I got a call from BCAG. Not only were they able to provide me relief, I found a compassionate listener on the line. BCAG legitimately cares about the people they serve. I wasn’t just a list of questions and data - I was a human. As someone who has never been in this situation, I was in absolute awe of their compassion, kindness, and support. I am forever grateful to this organization and inspired by their work.”

- Nikki Ahrenstorff

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