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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Cake4Kids Monterey County


We bake and deliver free birthday cakes for underserved children who might not otherwise receive one.

In a world where the basics of a positive childhood are often out of reach and youth have little to call their own, the seemingly simple gift of a birthday cake can make a huge impact by raising their self-esteem and confidence.

We partner with human and social services agencies to accomplish this mission.

The Big Idea

Cake4Kids serves underserved children and youth with the gift of their own custom cake to celebrate birthdays, graduations, and adoptions. We recognize that youth require food, shelter, and education first and foremost, but those alone are not enough to create a positive childhood and guide them into successful adulthood. Cake4Kids provides an integral component of emotional and social wellness to carry them through their circumstances. That is why our seemingly simple gift of a custom cake is so much more than just a cake. It helps the youth realize there is someone who cares, and builds their self-esteem. Youth who lack necessary support often end up making poor choices and the cycle repeats itself. However, those that feel the love of their community and are bolstered by services like ours, are more likely to go on to break that cycle and achieve a better life for themselves.

Thank you so much for the youth’s graduation cake. She has come such a long way! She was formerly in the foster care system, and works hard to support her single mother and five siblings. She works in agriculture, and didn't even make it to the graduation practices because she could not lose out on money for her family. This cake helped her to know that her community is proud of her and supporting her!

- Aidee Aldaco