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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

California FarmLink


The mission of California FarmLink is to link independent farmers and ranchers with the land and financing they need for a sustainable future.

The Big Idea

California FarmLink creates change by providing access to land, capital and education for the next generation of organic and sustainable farmers in Monterey County. They work to help small farmers build wealth with fair financing, secure land tenure and educational opportunities to grow business skills. They are the nation’s first Community Development Financial Institution focused exclusively on sustainable and organic farming, helping farmers acquire working capital loans designed around seasonal farm income, affordable land loans and conservation incentive loans to support environmental stewardship. By providing one-on-one assistance to farmers, they help develop strong land leases and opportunities to purchase land to help establish secure land tenure. Monterey County Gives! funds support that technical lending assistance.

I don’t know how to fully express it, but before farming I made a lot less. Apart from the money and the satisfaction farming gives me, it opens your mind. You’re aware of another person you didn’t know was in you.

- Rigoberto Bucio