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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

New Camaldoli Hermitage


New Camaldoli Hermitage provides a space of silence and stability in the surrounding of nature for the individual who wants or needs solitude to find recovery, inspiration, solace, peace, or spiritual and personal growth. The space and the environment provided is rooted in the natural beauty of Big Sur and the simplicity of the grounds rooted also in the monastic tradition of Camaldolese monks.

The Big Idea

The Hermitage is in a remote area of Big Sur where no public utilities provide service. The monks generate their electrical power using diesel generators. The transition to cleaner and more effective solar energy will reduce their carbon footprint by more than 30% and will continue to preserve the pristine nature found in Big Sur which is a big component in the experiential silent retreat that visitors live when visiting New Camaldoli.

I am a person who is into meditation, journaling and outdoor recreation. When I visited the hermitage I was impacted most strongly by the wild beauty/contact with nature. As much as I enjoyed the walks, it was equally nurturing to my soul to look out the window at the sea, as I wrote. To be received in Ecumenical spirit is significant and comes across well. My favorite opportunity was visiting the monks in their Vespers prayers.

- Shae Perle