Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Camp SEA Lab


The Friends of Camp SEA Lab provide scholarships to individual campers and school classes to participate in Camp SEA Lab marine science outdoor education programs. Camp SEA Lab programs foster lifelong excitement and intellectual curiosity about marine life in our youth in order to grow future ocean stewards who will take care of Monterey Bay and the world’s oceans.

The Big Idea

The Friends of Camp SEA Lab will send 300 Salinas Valley students on life-changing residential outdoor school adventures with Camp SEA Lab in order to develop these local youth into ocean stewards.

Camp SEA Lab educates local students about local marine habitats, inspiring them to become stewards of Monterey Bay, of our local ocean habitats, and the world oceans. By visiting Elkhorn Slough and beaches along the Bay, students learn about the animals and plants that live along our shores and how their activities on land and in particular, in the cities along the Salinas River can impact the bay and its inhabitants. Operating under the umbrella of the CSUMB University Corporation, Camp SEA Lab can also make important ties between University resources and the community.

“Thank you for teaching us a very important lesson. If you hadn’t taught us that slop affects the ocean we would still have leftovers. What you did affected the future! You created a pathway for us, so we could change the world! You helped us all. Thank you!
What was your favorite part at camp? I enjoyed the campfire, especially the song “GO banana”. You were a big insporation to all of us, and thats saying a lot! I couldn’t have had a better time at camp! Thank you for making this possible!”

— Kiayanna (Killer Whale)” 5th Grader