Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Cancer Patients Alliance


Cancer Patient Alliance's mission is to improve health outcomes for cancer patients through cancer education, addressing health disparities, and enabling cancer patients and their families to become active participants in their medical care.

The Big Idea

Cancer Patient's Alliance BIG Idea for 2018, termed Salinas Valley Alliance for Cancer, is to continue to develop the initiative that helps insure adequate cancer treatment and care for Latinos, farm workers, immigrants, and generally the underserved with cancer in the Salinas Valley. This would include help with medical access, help toward resources that provide for treatment expenses, help with finishing initial treatment, help with overcoming logistics (transportation, child care, etc.), help with obstacles (language, cultural, etc.), and help with follow-up after initial treatment. Cancer Patients Alliance through this initiative leverages its existing nexus with medical providers including local oncology groups, hospitals, and other interested stakeholders, to help establish a regionwide safety net aimed at providing consistent and enduring access to cancer treatment and resources for the medically underserved in our Monterey County.

"We've known Cancer Patients Alliance for several years and endorse their important work for the underserved with cancer in our community."

- Laura Stampleman, MD, oncologist