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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Cancer Patients Alliance


Cancer Patient Alliance's mission is to improve health outcomes for cancer patients through cancer education, addressing health disparities, and enabling cancer patients and their families to become active participants in their medical care.

The Big Idea

Cancer Patients Alliance’s BIG Idea for 2022, termed Monterey County Alliance for Cancer, is that in addition to continuing to offer advocacy and support for individual low-income Latinos and farm workers with cancer in the Salinas Valley – to expand these services to the whole of Monterey County including the north county, Marina, Seaside and Big Sur areas. An aspect of this expansion would be continued work on the video for dissemination that demonstrates the problems of local low-income Latinos and farm workers as they struggle to receive proper diagnoses, medical access, and reasonable treatment for their cancer.

“I have been pleased with the projects of the local Cancer Patients Alliance nonprofit - in terms of their advocacy of and support for low-income Latinos and farm workers with cancer in our Monterey County.”

- Oguchi Nkwocha, MD, MS