Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Carl Cherry Center for the Arts


Established by the pioneering modernist poet and painter Jeanne D’Orge (Mrs. Carl Cherry), the mission of the Cherry Center is to enhance the quality and diversity of artistic, education and cultural programs in Monterey County by encouraging public programs and interactions between artists and the community. Accordingly, the Cherry Center theater and art gallery provide visibility and support to emerging and established artists, dramatists, writers, educators and musicians.

The Big Idea

The Cherry Center's Smart Phone Film Festival (CCSPFF) will encourage Monterey County Filmmakers to share their lives through films created on smartphones and tablets. Readily available to large segments of the population, smartphones and tablets are considered one of the most affordable and accessible devices used by amateur and professional film-makers. With an innovative technology in hand, smartphones require minimal training or experience to create a new model of film-making and a limitless potential to develop and encourage the medium of film. The festival seeks to motivate, inspire and promote film-making by a broad range of Monterey County residents--thus creating a new and diverse audience for arts participation. A significant component of the program will include smartphone film workshops to help educate, train and encourage film-making. Smartphones and their use are ubiquitous. Thus, an arts program utilizing smartphones has the potential to reach the broadest portion of Monterey County residents.

"Thank you for coming to our class yesterday and introducing us to poetry workshop. You taught me valuable lessons, intrigued me with the wonders of poetry, and beautifully crafted a great poetry workshop for us. You taught me about how every poem has its own meaning for everyone and to not be ashamed of my hard work, two lessons that will be of substantial value throughout my life. Thanks to your effort, I can view poetry as a way to express thoughts, feelings, and stories, which I think is fascinating. I greatly appreciated your poetry workshop because it was the perfect learning experience for me to express myself." Sincerely, Justin Caplán

- Justin Caplan