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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Carl Cherry Center for the Arts


The mission of the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts is to enhance the quality and diversity of artistic, educational and cultural programs in Monterey County by encouraging public programs and interactions between artists and the community. Accordingly, the Cherry Center theater and art gallery provide visibility and support to emerging and established artists, dramatists, writers, educators and musicians. The Center’s exhibits and programs seek to cast light on contemporary issues, both aesthetic and social.

The Big Idea

As an institution, the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts is an enormous idea. Just the knowledge and reassurance the Cherry Center has continued to exist for seventy-five years is good for our spiritual health--even if we only set foot through its doors once a year. It is good for us because of the unrivaled equanimity and insight art, literature, film and theater can provide in our turbulent lives. And it’s good to have an arts center that has presented programs, art exhibitions, plays, workshops and readings that support creative expression on the Central Coast.

I can't thank you and the "Cherry Crew" enough for the incredible way you promote student art work throughout Monterey County! By giving high school students the opportunity to exhibit their work in a famous, world-class art gallery, you provide them with a delicious "taste" of what becoming a professional artist might feel like -- invaluable! Opportunities like yours are life changing for our young artists, as they bravely "spread their wings" and enter their work into competitions. Cannot thank you enough!

- Martha Tonkin