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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Carmel Art Association


To advance the knowledge of and interest in art, and to create a spirit of cooperation and fellowship between artists, and between artists and the public at large.

The Big Idea

The Carmel Art Association, distinguished as the oldest gallery in Carmel and one of the oldest artists’ associations in the country, is still going strong. Their Big Idea is to look back and forward all at once: To support history by caring for their infrastructure with needed building repairs, and also begin planning their 95th anniversary celebration in 2022, an endeavor that includes collecting historic members’ work, creating a catalog and organizing the exhibition.

My Labradoodle and I stop by the Carmel Art Association at least twice a month to take in this nonprofit art gallery’s exhibitions, newly installed every month. We visit so often that my dog, Simba, is considered a CAA mascot! Both of us savor the peaceful, dog-friendly atmosphere in the CAA’s 100-year-old home. The low-key and knowledgeable staff members have helped me slowly build a wonderful collection of local art in a wide array of mediums and styles. I recently learned that the CAA’s foremost ‘late’ artist members together represent 70 percent of California’s most distinguished art history. That’s an impressive legacy.

- Tom Chin