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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Carmel Bach Festival


Our Mission is to celebrate the works, inspiration, and ongoing influence of J.S.Bach worldwide by immersing audiences in a festival experience integrating music, education and ideas, and by meaningful community engagement throughout the year. Our Vision is to be a world class festival of music and ideas transcending the traditional boundaries of performance and presentation, both at the Festival and in communities, and to provide fresh musical contexts that spark the imagination, stimulate the mind and enrich people's lives in multi-faceted ways.

The Big Idea

The Carmel Bach Festival is one of Monterey County’s premier and oldest arts institutions. The festival offers classical and increasingly diverse repertoire in live performances during mid-summer in Monterey County. Inferring from the recent increases in attendance, the Bach Festival fulfills a need for the shared experience that enriches and binds the community. The festival celebrates the works, inspiration and ongoing influence of J.S.Bach worldwide by immersing audiences in an experience that integrates music, education and ideas while encouraging meaningful community engagement throughout the year. Due to Covid-19, the 2020 festival was canceled for only the third time since its inception in 1935. Despite the massive loss in revenue, the nonprofit festival is looking forward to renewing its partnership with the community in 2021 with a grand festival.

The Carmel Bach Festival has become an essential part of our lives. It feeds our souls and reminds us of the beauty that has been and is being created in our civilization. That beauty is being saved and perpetuated here in Carmel. The sounds of Bach and the Baroque in this festival seem to invigorate the best of civilization and the arts in this lucky place.

- Jane and Tim Sanders