Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Carmel Bach Festival


Our Mission is to celebrate the works, inspiration, and ongoing influence of J.S.Bach worldwide by immersing audiences in a festival experience integrating music, education and ideas, and by meaningful community engagement throughout the year. Our Vision is to be a world class festival of music and ideas transcending the traditional boundaries of performance and presentation, both at the Festival and in communities, and to provide fresh musical contexts that spark the imagination, stimulate the mind and enrich people’s lives in multi-faceted ways.

The Big Idea

We celebrated 80 years in 2017, and this project will allows us to evolve and take risks as begin the next 80 years.

The Carmel Festival has evolved into a musical experience that balances the familiar with surprises, with the unexpected twists and turns our audiences have come to expect from creative programming. As we look forward, we want to go beyond Bach to the great master’s unprecedented influence. We want the Festival to continue to inspire, delight and challenge the imagination. Our community engagement and audience development programs will continue to evolve and grow, reaffirming the Festival’s commitment to youth development and to serve as a driving force in the expansive Monterey Peninsula
arts community.

We celebrated 80 years in 2017, and are one of the oldest arts festivals in the country. Support from MC Gives will allows us to evolve and take risks as begin the next 80 years.

I absolutely love the festival’s music, atmosphere and artistry.

— John Strohmeier, Richmond