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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Carmel Public Library Foundation


To keep the library open, relevant and thriving and to ensure free library service in perpetuity by providing funding for  100% of the books, materials, programs, equipment and services.

The Big Idea

The Carmel Public Library is engaged in turning outward, and aims to create changes that respond to the community’s needs and desires—and anyone in the county can use the library, not just Carmel residents. From teenagers to civic groups, everyone is invited to join conversations leading to potential collaboration, new possibilities and discovery, such as the foundation’s ongoing project called Community Conversations. The library is a trusted community resource, and aims to create a productive space for conversations that help produce greater impact and relevance in the community.

I participated in a Community Conversation with other members of the Women’s Club, which prompted us to turn outward and start developing a new mindset related to other local organizations. For example, we identified our post office as an area in need of physical improvement and have since contacted relevant agencies in order to address this. Community Conversations force us out of our respective silos and into a new way to view our commonalities and work on our mutual goals. It’s a very positive and healthy approach!

- Donna Jett