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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Carmel Dance Festival


Carmel Dance Festival's mission is to create positive change in our community through the presentation of extraordinary dance performances and quality dance education that connect and enliven people of all demographics.

The Big Idea

Carmel Dance Festival makes Monterey County move! Our WORLD-CLASS presentations, superb dance education, and exhilarating community engagement opportunities enliven and connect our community.

Stellar productions and immersive experiences push boundaries, igniting wonder, while our resident PROFESSIONAL company, Ballare Carmel, collaborates with local artists to tell regional stories through contemporary dance.

Emphasizing ACCESSIBILITY, we regularly offer free and donation-based experiences that energize our community with joy through vibrant events like flash mobs, jazz improvisation at restaurants, and mesmerizing performances in unexpected public spaces.

Our Dance & Fellowship Program provides 20 full scholarships for pre-professional dancers, unrivaled mentorship, and a springboard for emerging choreographers. Our 3-week Summer Program, ongoing classes for youth and adults, and INCLUSIVE all ages and abilities Community Classes are led by esteemed guest artists from prestigious institutions worldwide.

Help Carmel Dance Festival continue enriching Monterey County with extraordinary dance experiences by contributing to our nonprofit today!

The importance of dance is indisputable. We humans have never stopped dancing. It’s in our blood. If you don’t believe it, put music in a toddler’s room and see what happens. Or.. go to one of Carmel Dance Festival’s events. To say, you will be moved, isn’t enough. You absolutely WILL move. Perhaps the movements will be subtle, the person next to you hardly noticing. Or maybe your body remains still, but your heart is dancing inside you, opening to the story the dancers are sharing. I am 76 years old. I am so grateful that Lillian and Grant have added dance to our beautiful area. The Carmel Dance Festival and Ballare Carmel are gifts. The beautiful dancers and incredible choreographies are to be opened and enjoyed as they cast their spells upon us. They are magical and meaningful. I find myself dancing in my dreams when I get home.

- Pam Bonsper