Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Carmel Music Society


The mission of the Carmel Music Society is to present classical music performances on the Monterey Peninsula and foster appreciation of classical music among area students

The Big Idea

The BIG IDEA has many facets.

The main component is the season of five concerts by internationally famous musicians making exceptional music available to the community.

To provide access to all ages the Society provides free seats for K-12 students and discounted tickets to their accompanying parents. Discounted tickets at $10 are also available to full time adult students and some low income seniors.

In addition, some of the artists, together with other professionals from the area, hold outreach sessions in schools and senior residences.

The Society also has a bi-annual competition for West Coast pianists between the ages of 18 and 30 as part of an effort to encourage talented young musicians from the West Coast and to provide role models for local students.

Sunday afternoon at Sunset Center. Carmel Music Society 91st season finale by Jeremy Denk, piano – BRAVO! A bonus ahead and free to all – the much anticipated piano competition for young artists. A full day of music by six performers culminating in an award for the top three. We look forward to Kevin Lee Sun, the winner, who is invited to appear next season. A great way to promote new talent! Thanks for fostering youth musical appreciation by offering free tickets throughout the season for school-age students. This worthwhile initiative cultivates life-long interest in the arts and allows attendance by families that might not have the means. We look forward to your next season that will again bring world-class musicians to our area. Thank you! We love attending and appreciate the effort it takes to put the season together.

- Gina Gianfala