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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Carmel Public Library Foundation


The mission of the Carmel Public Library Foundation is to keep the library open, relevant, and thriving and to ensure free library service in perpetuity by providing funding for 100% of the books, materials, programs, equipment and services.

The Big Idea

The Carmel Public Library Foundation, in partnership with Carmel Public Library, presents an eclectic array of programs including guest appearances of authors, illustrators, literary, visual, and performing artists for all ages.

The Library is a cultural hub, center for learning, curator of resources, and champion of children, elderly, and families. At the Harrison Memorial Library, teens and adults are welcome to access free internet, databases, archives, and art collections, OR take part in social networking, book clubs, and learning groups. At the Park Branch, resources help babies, toddlers, and children develop necessary skills while families spend time participating in programs, making new friends, and reading together.

As a result, our community members
•Access health and wellness resources;
•Participate in civic discourse;
•Advance essential life skills;
•Improve language and intellectual development;
•Achieve educational pursuits;
•Develop creativity/artistic abilities;
•Experience, appreciate cultural differences;
•Relieve stress and anxiety (find sanctuary);
•And, develop social connections.

The community enrichment provided to us all is not just buildings, services, and programs—but IT IS THE PEOPLE. Our amazing Carmel Public Library continues to serve as a community builder, center for learning, and champion of youth. It preserves important historic artifacts, oral and digital history relevant to the community, and servces as a catalyst for addressing social issues.

- Carmel Residents Association Lifetime Achievement Award 2023