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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Carmel River Steelhead Association


The mission of the Carmel River Steelhead Association (CRSA) is the restoration and conservation of the federally threatened steelhead on the Carmel River and its watershed. The primary goal is to return the Carmel River watershed to as natural a state as possible so that it will maintain an annual run of adult steelhead in excess of 2,000 fish

The Big Idea

Along with the DNA samples there will be Pit Tagging (Passive Integrated Transponder), so that we will be able to track fish into the future. Our significant achievements this year are our ability to run our own operations, including fish tagging, as part of CRSA obtaining a Scientific Collection Permit, and the purposed use of maintaining our equipment for said, and the purchase of newly obtained quality used equipment. In order to gain this status we have assisted in tagging and sampling on Cachagua Creek and the Carmel Lagoon in coordination with agencies and biologists.

The Carmel River Steelhead Association performs a critical service to both the fish in our creeks and to the residents of our region. They advocate for habitat and water quality improvements throughout the watershed, as well as train and organize teams of volunteers to do the difficult work of climbing through miles of creek bed and poison oak to rescue juvenile fish that would otherwise perish in drying streams. Steelhead are a key component of our shared natural heritage and the Carmel River Steelhead Association is dedicated to the conservation and continued success of steelhead recovery in the Carmel River watershed. Hastings Natural History Reservation University of California, Berkeley

- Jennifer Hunter, PhD