Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Carmel River Watershed Conservancy


To preserve and eventually restore the Carmel River and its watershed to its former health and beauty.

The Big Idea

Our “Big Idea” is to inspire students and the public, enriching their experiences in our local watershed through integrated science and art curriculum. We have invited Jayson Fann, local artist and Arts Council of Monterey County recipient, to create a custom designed spirit nest at Palo Corona Regional Park. The spirit nest will provide a visual portal from the Discovery Center, looking toward the Carmel River and Inspiration Point, cultivating a sense of connectedness to the watershed and its inhabitants. Partnering with the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District (MPRPD), our goal is to create a space that encourages discovery and offers enhanced learning experiences for students and visitors through our ongoing programs and special events like California Wildlife Day. We are committed to offering quality integrated art and science watershed education. We welcome and are grateful for your support to realize this vision as we weave community together.

“[On this field trip with the Carmel River Watershed Conservancy] I got to see nature in a way I could never see it in a town or city. I fell in love with the sounds, sights, and being surrounded by so much diversity of life.”

- Julissa Gonzalez