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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Carmel Valley Art Association


The Carmel Valley Art Association (CVAA) promotes local art and artists, which form the heart of our vision and purpose: To Explore, Educate, Foster, Promote and Create art and art and culture workshops and events for the community. Opportunities for artistic enrichment and education were more limited previously in this small community, and CVAA made the transition to organize to a non-profit 501(c)(3) status, which enables us to expand both opportunities to recruit volunteers and to apply for grant awards. These help to further our reach and support of our community of local artisans. Non-profit status also enables us to extend memberships to associate and emergingartists and community friends, which, in turn, supports and promotes the interconnection among the artists, the community, and the visiting public.

The Big Idea

CVAA is requesting the MC GIVES! grant in support of its “Just for Kids” FREE Arts Workshops. Our Artists, creative professionals in ceramic, painting, sculpture, mixed media and more, bring art exposure, experience and exploration to children in the region, including those from Friends of Cachagua Children’s Center, Carmel Valley Community Youth Center/Tatum’s Treehouse and MEarth, as well as local schools.

I am an artist, sculptor, curator, art historian and ballet dancer. I held the position of general director, co-curator, and chief editor at the Open Klub gallery in Moscow, Russia, for 10+ years. In 2020 I moved from Russia to Monterey, California, opened an art studio, and began looking for an art community to join. In 2022, I found and joined the Carmel Valley Art Association. I exhibit my artwork in the gallery and meet visitors when working. Through this wonderful local organization, I offer mosaic classes for children, using ancient, unique and fun techniques to create patterns and compositions.

- Ekaterina de la Torre