Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Celadon Arts


Celadon Arts builds community relationships and awareness through contemporary art. We host privately funded exhibitions, help emerging artists build an audience and create education programs. By forming alliances with contemporary artists we hope to become a catalyst for business and community leaders. Celadon Arts is a 501c3 arts management organization established in 1989.

The Big Idea

Art is transformative and as such this exhibition is conceived to serve as a catalyst to cultivate social change around the issues of racism, hysteria and economic exploitation in America. In 1942 all Japanese Americans living on the West Coast experienced the loss of property, the shame and indignation of incarceration and the task of re-integration into American society after release from the WWII internment camps. How did these US citizens achieve resolution to such a travesty of justice? They have a saying for this--shikata ga nai--it cannot be helped. But they also say gaman--persevere and stay silent, characterizing the denial of their losses.

This exhibition sanctions the succeeding generation of artists to share personal expressions of emotions, insights and a very deep collective acceptance never expressed by their elders. If true racial reconciliation is to be achieved in this country it will be through the kind of deep spiritual and emotional understanding that art can provide. You can change the world by changing peoples' hearts and imaginations.

As an artist I am extremely grateful to have been one of the artists to share my personal story through photography and the Japanese sword. As a viewer each time I visited Transcendental Vision I couldn't help but pause, breathe and engage more deeply in the experience of being human. But what touched me most were the words of a Japanese elder said "This a very healing show".

Sandy Yagyu Pacific Grove, CA on participating in and viewing the exhibition Transcendental Vision presented by Celadon Arts in Sand City, Summer 2012.

- Sandy Yagyu