Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Center for Community Advocacy


CCA trains farmworkers to form and lead community-based committees to advocate for improved housing and health conditions.

The Big Idea

Seven years ago, the Center for Community Advocacy started their mental health program where the community promoters are trained to recognize and understand what mental health actually means, CCA has worked to continue to help farmworkers and the community change the way they perceive what mental health is and continue to work to break down the stigma behind what many in their culture believe is something negative and because they don’t understand what it means exactly continue to lack treatment. CCA and its trained neighborhood leaders, promotores comunitarios, or community health promoters has partnered with local mental health services to continue to work on finding serives that can better serve the Latino community.
This often occurs through word of mouth and those who have sought help and benefitted from that help to talk to family members and neighbors of its effectiveness. Promotores are trained by health service providers, and they are members of the community. CCA is thus able to “help farmworkers help themselves” because of the generous support of programs such as MC Gives.

CCA has helped me by connecting me with counselors that culturally understood what I was going through, were able to help me and not judge my situation. The program helped me learn how to help myself and I am forever grateful to CCA for helping me get on a solid path.

- Columba Ríos