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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Center for Community Advocacy


Identify, cultivate, and recognize leadership from farmworkers and low-income families to expand opportunities in their lives.

The Big Idea

The Center for Community Advocacy (CCA) is advancing leadership from farmworker and low-income families by developing youth leadership through educational success. CCA’s youth program, “Youth4Change,” focuses on bridging the educational gap by providing activities on college and career preparedness, academic success, leadership building, and civic participation. CCA upskills youth to prepare them to attain, achieve, and succeed in High School, College/ University, Professionally, and Socially. Our youth program is centered on educational and professional skills, so youth are developed to be equipped to rise to any challenge and take initiative. Youth4Change was designed to fortify youth educationally to open doors and expand opportunities in their lives, thus transforming themselves, their families, and their communities. CCA presents its “Youth4Change” program to develop dynamic and influential youth leaders.

I came in prepared to describe the services and history of the Center for Community Advocacy but was surprised to find out that they wanted to learn more about me. My dreams for the Salinas community, my experience, and my feelings were all welcome to the table. The space was so inspiring… that feeling of being heard was something so special and rare that I wanted to pass it on to other youth.

- Stacey Palmerin