Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Center for Community Advocacy


The mission of The Center for Community Advocacy (CCA) is to train farmworkers and other low-income families to form and lead community-based committees to advocate for improved housing and health conditions. CCA’s vision is a community where farmworkers are empowered to serve as leaders, and where community decision-makers seek the counsel of these farmworker leaders. CCA’s Theory of Change is to motivate neighborhood leaders to exercise their collective power with the aim of strengthening their families and making changes in their community.

The Big Idea

The Center for Community Advocacy (CCA) helps farm workers and other low-income working families by providing them opportunities to improve housing and health conditions in their own communities.

The Center for Community Advocacy (CCA) wants farmworkers and other low-income working families to have a say in and be involved in issues affecting their communities by establishing, training and supporting neighborhood committees. These committees will provide residents with opportunities to participate, network and avail themselves of ideas, techniques and the best practices to be used in civic engagement and community involvement. Committees can get involved in issues that directly affect them and their families, such as negotiations with landlords to resolve issues such as unsafe housing conditions, housing discrimination and security deposits as well as to provide preventative health information and interventions in their neighborhoods. Through actions such as volunteering at CCA and community events, serving in a leadership capacity in a local community group or board or by participating in a workshop series, motivated residents can develop the skills necessary to lead their neighborhood committees.

I love CCA. For seven years CCA has impacted my life and the life of my four children in a lot of ways. Thanks to CCA’s promotores training I got the opportunity to go to work for one of the largest local strawberry growers as a health promoter, which I love. Where I live, I was part of organizing a committee to keep my neighborhood safe from prostitution and drugs. Our committee changed the neighborhood’s relationship with city officials and the police department. And I am part of CCA’s “Walk with a Doctor Campaign.” Every Friday I walk with a doctor in my community to talk about health, nutrition and preventive care. My children support my participation with CCA as they have become empowered to eat healthier. I like the work, it’s fun, and I get more knowledge to have a better life and help others too. It’s contagious.

— Martha Ortega, Age 45, Salinas