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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Center for Land-Based Learning


Our mission is to inspire, educate, and cultivate the next generation of farmers, agriculture leaders, and natural resource stewards. We envision a prosperous and sustainable agriculture harmony with an ecologically vibrant California.

The Big Idea

The Center for Land-Based Learning’s FARMS Leadership Program is a transformational experience for high school students that provides hands-on experiences at working farms, agribusinesses and universities. The FARMS Leadership program—for Farming, Agriculture, Resource Management for Sustainability, run in partnership with the Resource Conservation District of Monterey County—includes 25-30 students from multiple high schools throughout Monterey County. Students apply to the program, and those accepted commit to a series of seven monthly, hands-on field days throughout the school year. This multi-year program provides awareness of the agriculture and resource management industry while developing students’ leadership and job skills. Upon completing the program, alumni are supported in job shadow and internship placements.

Through my time in FARMS, I was able to deepen my knowledge of the agriculture industry. Coming from a family that used to work in the fields, I never thought I would want to work in ag. Now I am starting a marketing agency to help companies, primarily in the hemp extract market, grow their online presence and build a marketing plan. FARMS Leadership helped me start this company by teaching me the skills needed to supervise and lead the project. Most importantly, I was able to learn the stories of ag companies around Salinas, which led me to believe that I can also start a company from the ground up.

- Juan Perez