Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Center for Photographic Art


The Center for Photographic Art inspires the artist and the audience by nurturing the personal growth inherent in creating and appreciating art.

The Big Idea

At CPA we would like to continue a unique Photography Lecture Series featuring world-class photographers and other art experts in the field. Additionally, we aspire to create 15-minute videos from each lecture in the series (much along the lines of the popular Ted Talks) that will be made available through our website. Those who attend the lectures benefit from a greater depth of appreciation of the medium, and the videos will make the highlights of the lectures available to others throughout the world. This video collection is perfectly aligned with our mission statement and will impact not only members of our own community, but will benefit the greater population at large.

The Center for Photographic Art has presented wonderful events and experiences to our photographic community for over 30 years. Anytime I need a dose of creativity for my own artwork, I visit their gallery in Sunset Center and find a ton of inspiration in the current show! CPA is the only premier non-profit photography gallery in our region and I am thrilled to support their exciting lectures, workshops, and exhibitions!

- Jeanne Marino