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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Central Coast VNA & Hospice


VNA is dedicated to providing the highest quality health care to residents of the Central Coast by meeting their individual needs in a caring, effective, honorable, and accessible manner.

The Big Idea

Well known as the community immunizers, VNA will offer COVID-19, influenza, Tdap, and Meningitis vaccines at Community Immunization Clinics with a pediatric and youth focus. Immunization clinics will be scheduled in locations embedded within communities, trusted by parents and easily accessible for families. All vaccines will be administered at no cost, to children, students and families who may not have access to immunization services or who are under or uninsured. Experienced, professional, knowledgeable staff will provide education and information about the value of vaccines and the importance of routine immunizations.

“I knew as soon as access to vaccination was available that I would be getting my three children vaccinated. I reached out to the VNA first-- word of mouth in the community is VNA is the best, and they were correct. I was thrilled to know all three kiddos’ ages 2-7 would be able to get the vaccine they needed, in one-stop, at a local clinic the VNA was offering in Seaside. I can’t tell you the relief I felt knowing that each would be cared for with the appropriate vaccine, greeted by a team with smiles on their faces, and education for me as mom. I’m so grateful to the VNA as a local community resource and a partner to this momma in a time such as this. Thank you!”

- Lindsey Gaitan