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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Chartwell School


Chartwell empowers students with dyslexia and associated learning differences to unlock their full potential. We provide a college preparatory, strength-based program that gives students the skills, strategies, tools, and mindset needed to become successful lifelong learners. We share our expertise through partnerships and outreach initiatives to transform education.

The Big Idea

Chartwell aspires to show the world that young people with language-based learning differences and diverse learning profiles can be among the most creative, productive, and valuable leaders within any community. We seek to see them develop into confident young people and adults, committed to lifelong learning and equipped with the knowledge, skills, and social and emotional competencies to achieve their goals. Theodore Roosevelt said, “If you want to lead, you must read.” Chartwell’s mission is to ensure every child has access to literacy, and therefore, a pathway to leading positive and innovative change in the world.

I am one proud mama right now as my child graduates from Chartwell! I know so much love and support went into my child’s success. I am in such a state of gratitude for all the key players who supported him in his accomplishments. School has always been a painfully arduous road, but at key junctures, there have been adults that have believed in him and supported him along his path. Thank you, Chartwell. Thank you for seeing his gifts. Thank you for believing in him until he believed in himself. Please know you made a difference.

- Belynda M