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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Greenfield Community Science Workshop


The mission of the Greenfield Community Science Workshop (Greenfield CSW), a program of the City of Greenfield, is to serve as South Monterey County's science education resource center, available to students, teachers, families, and citizens interested in science learning and discovery through interaction and contact with the physical and natural word.

The Big Idea

The mission of the Greenfield Community Science Workshop is to serve as South Monterey County’s science education resource center, available to students, teachers, families and citizens interested in science and discovery through interaction with the physical and natural world. The workshop is developing science kits to distribute that will include hands-on science projects related to the K-12 science standards, designed to mitigate student learning loss caused by Covid-19. The shift to online learning is expected to set many students back, particularly those living in South Monterey County where a significant portion of households do not have computers, access to the internet or the proper support and environment where learning can happen. The bilingual kits come with everything necessary to build a science project, teach science and engineering concepts, and offer students the opportunity to learn by tinkering and making their own discoveries.

I have witnessed first hand how the Greenfield CSW has become an integral part of our town. For now years, the Greenfield CSW has supported our school, students, and community members on the importance and value of science. This year, the Greenfield CSW has provided our upper grade students with a week of science experiments that promote critical thinking. They have engaged our After School Program with professional development and in-school science experiments at all grade levels. Furthermore, during this pandemic, I have noticed their commitment and passion for science education; on a weekly basis, they provide science kits to families with all materials necessary to support science learning from home -- even the pandemic couldn’t stop them.

- Veronica Hernández, elementary school principal

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