Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Coastal Kids Home Care


Coastal Kids Home Care improves the quality of life for children healing from injury or short-term illness, coping with chronic conditions or developmental delays, and those facing the end-of-life. Our staff provides in-home nursing, specialized therapies, social services and bereavement counseling to support the whole family.

The Big Idea

Tablets have become an exciting game changer for healthcare. This is especially true in home healthcare where clinicians do not have access to computers like those available in hospitals. At Coastal Kids we are ready to adapt this new technology to our services for seriously-ill kids, but we need your help. Here are three immediate benefits of tablets will offer:
1. Ability for clinical staff to do real-time, in-home patient admissions. Clinicians can enter key information and obtain signatures directly in our patient software.
2. Opportunity to obtain feedback. Short electronic patient and caregiver surveys will help us improve future services.
3. Flexibility to chart on the go. Roughly half of our nurses’ time is spent charting visits. When they have a full-schedule of kids from King City to North Salinas it can be hard to get back to the office. Tablets will allow them to use their down-time between visits to record this important information.

Our staff of four pediatric nurses, three social workers, one physical therapist and four respite nurses in Monterey County require twelve tablets, license fees and tech support. YOU can help us care for sick kids at home!

Huge thanks to the nurses who come to my home to check on my son. Nurse Kim was so incredibly helpful with her knowledge, support and passion for my sons' well being. She not only validated my feelings and intuition but also stood up for my son to make sure he was getting the right kind of medical treatment. Nurse Wendy has also been amazing and you can feel that she truly cares about my sons' development and is just incredibly polite and informative as well. I wish my son was healthy enough to never need a nurse to check on him but I am so grateful that Coastal Kids has such amazing and supportive personnel and nurses. When you have someone coming to your home to help your child, your whole world, you have to be able to trust them and I can honestly say I wholeheartedly trust the nurses at Coastal Kids.

- Victoria Leyva