Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Communities for Sustainable Monterey County (CSMC)


To meet the challenge of declining resources and climate change by helping our communities transition to sustainable practices.

The Big Idea

The “Value of Trees” project is lead by Citizens for Sustainable Marina and will provide oak trees for natural habitat, as well as, create natural spaces for humans to learn from, learn in, and enjoy.

As in many parts of Monterey County, Marina has experienced a decline in its tree canopy over the past few decades. The dominant native tree of Coastal Monterey County is the coast live oak. Urban tree canopies retain water, reduce runoff and flooding, cool climate, store carbon, improve soils, and provide habitat. Neighborhoods with trees create higher property values, better health, mental functioning, and enhanced quality of life for residents. This project will work to plant coast live oaks in Marina neighborhoods; provide for materials to continue planting and care of oaks and native plants, walking paths and benches in the Oak Woodland at Locke Paddon Wetland Community Park to provide space for reading, writing and enjoying nature; and provide for native plant, insect and bird walks in the Oak Woodland, and provide an oak care workshop. Activities are open to all residents of Monterey County.

CSMC is the organization I count on to work towards a sustainable quality of life in Monterey County through bold, reliable, thoughtful action.

— John Pearse, Pacific Grove